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Our training programs deliver useful techniques and tools to the trainees.

The outcome for employers consists of time-savings, team concert and consistence (a common language in spreadsheet development) and enhanced overall effectiveness attainable through:

  • craft gains;
  • in-house standardization of modelling molds;
  • more automation of tasks superseding repetitive manual maintenance.

We seek to meet the distinct needs of each customers by conveying know-how reliant on:

Best Practices

Clean, organized, accountable modelling makes best use of spreadsheet power.

Toolkit Knowledge

We teach the capabilities and use of suitable instruments.


We teach a set of techniques providing manifold useful traits to the work.

Supple, open-ended, user-oriented lay-out is a trademark of well-built spreadsheet models, for, thus they are plain, easy to use, adjust, expand, operate and audit.

Technique, Toolkit and Best Practices, thick as thieves, one braid unit – the proficient modeller’s modus operandi – this is what we venture you to accomplish.