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Our training programs deliver:

  • noile abilități dobândite prin training;
  • savvy techniques;
  • automation of tasks;

The upshot for employers comes with more knack for the team, time-savings and enhanced overall effectiveness.

Căutăm să adresăm nevoile distincte de training ale fiecărui client prinr-un transfer de know-how care cuprinde:

Cele Mai Bune Practici

Claritatea, structura modulară sporesc calitatea ajută la reducerea erorilor, a timpului de modelare și a costurilor.

Cunoașterea Uneltelor

Înfățișăm deslușit capabilitățile și întrebuințarea uneltelor adecvate pentru necesitățile clientului.

Tehnici de Modelare

Îi învățăm pe studenți un set de tehnici a căror utilizare conferă multiple atribute salutare modelării datelor.

Tools, Technique, Best Practices

one braid unit

Gelu Tudose

I bank on the know-how grown during a life-time (+30 years) of work on scores of financial and operational models, screening procedures, risk and sensitivity analyses, assessments and solutions developed with spreadsheets.

Employers or customers, private equity funds, banks and Romanian entrepreneurs (in Top 100) evaluated investment opportunities of +USD 350 million and funded profitably +USD 80 million based on the models I have built for them.

I learnt most from experience but also from a few distinguished masters of Excel’s finer points. I share my knowledge in the classroom and I reach out with with applications. By doing this I find professional meaning. Every project is a gem and a joy.

I look forward to work with you.

Spreadsheet Solutions

Repetitive chores, recurring tasks, time-consuming assignments can make better.

Toils which use to take many (many) minutes or even hours could be done differently. There is a lot of horse-power under the Excel’s hood. To deploy it in spreadsheet solutions one just needs a good handle on the ropes:

kit agencychoosing the fittest tool for each job
savvy modellingmethod at every step
automationpool everything together at the click of a button

Let us show you how! .

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Terapie individuală

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