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To make a great concert happen the conductor of an orchestra (Excel is like an orchestra) needs a fitting score, good technique and knowledge of the instruments’ subtleties.

We tailor programs where trainees enrich both: Tools and Technique.

… and the score is produced in collaboration with the customer.

The initial dialogue helps us to flag the best suited kits to meet the opportune spreadsheet script for the team.

To become virtuous, pianists or violinists need to practice a lot with their own instruments.

Savvy modelling

… is accomplished when good method and tool agency are jointly employed:

  • use of best practices in spreadsheet development;
  • cleansing and organizing the raw data before engaging them;
  • making the spreadsheet easy to use, adjust, expand and easily operable by others than its developer.

Toolbox Agency

  • choosing the most suitable tool for the job:
    • Index(Match()), Xlookup(), or TableMerge?
    • is a table the prime tool for the task or a pivot table?
    • which function achieves that purpose better … If() or Match()?
    • Sumifs() or Sum()? Power Query or a humbleText to Columns?
    • a Chart or Conditional Formatting?
  • practicing various tools so that the sound choice presents itself to the trainee;
  • considering that various spreadsheet tasks are served better by one tool than by another depending on fields of activity:

The tools of the trade … depend on the employ

  • marketing?
  • budgeting & forecasting?
  • cash flow valuation?
  • operations?
  • accounting?
  • human resources?
  • financial analysis?
  • offer comparison and quantifying?

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