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We teach a modus operandi which builds up in an integrated manner:

  • acumen in model design / production;
  • deep knowledge of the toolbox;
  • choosing the suitable tool for the job (out of a great deal of plenty).

… design and model with method, apply best practices and effective tool adoption in the overall design of the model and to every single operation – bar none.

“The doer alone learneth”

Practicing is the path, the trainer leads – core focus on handing round neat technique and clued up kit choice (out of a great deal of plenty) – as the modus operandi of the modeler.

Hands on training:

… the case studies are worked-out thoroughly during the class;

… trainer’s display is mirrored on screen or via projector;

… each trainee uses her own laptop/desktop to perform tasks.

… tuning-up trainees’ spreadsheet poise at length;

… by unfolding various tools;

… relishing in Best Practices all along.

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